Un seethed


verb (used without object), seethed or (Obsolete) sod; seethed or (Obsolete) sodden or sod; seething.
to surge or foam as if boiling.
to be in a state of agitation or excitement.
Archaic. to boil.
verb (used with object), seethed or (Obsolete) sod; seethed or (Obsolete) sodden or sod; seething.
to soak or steep.
to cook by boiling or simmering; boil.
the act of seething.
the state of being agitated or excited.

before 900; Middle English; Old English sēothan; cognate with German sieden, Swedish sjuda

seethingly, adverb
unseethed, adjective
unseething, adjective

2. See boil1.
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World English Dictionary
seethe (siːð)
1.  (intr) to boil or to foam as if boiling
2.  (intr) to be in a state of extreme agitation, esp through anger
3.  (tr) to soak in liquid
4.  archaic (tr) to cook or extract the essence of (a food) by boiling
5.  the act or state of seething
[Old English sēothan; related to Old Norse sjōtha, Old High German siodan to seethe]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. seoþan "to boil" (class II strong verb; past tense seaþ, pp. soden), from P.Gmc. *seuthanan (cf. O.N. sjoða, O.Fris. siatha, Du. zieden, O.H.G. siodan, Ger. sieden "to seethe"), from PIE base *seut- "to seethe, boil." Driven out of its literal meaning by
boil (v.); it survives largely in metaphoric extensions. Fig. use, of persons or populations, "to be in a state of inward agitation" is recorded from 1588 (implied in seething). It had wider fig. uses in O.E., e.g. "to try by fire, to afflict with cares." Now conjugated weak, and pp. sodden (q.v.) no longer felt as connected.
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Bible Dictionary

Seethe definition

to boil (Ex. 16:23).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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