un sprayable


1 [sprey]
water or other liquid broken up into minute droplets and blown, ejected into, or falling through the air.
a jet of fine particles of liquid, as medicine, insecticide, paint, perfume, etc., discharged from an atomizer or other device for direct application to a surface.
a liquid to be discharged or applied in such a jet.
an apparatus or device for discharging such a liquid.
a quantity of small objects, flying or discharged through the air: a spray of shattered glass.
verb (used with object)
to scatter in the form of fine particles.
to apply as a spray: to spray an insecticide on plants.
to sprinkle or treat with a spray: to spray plants with insecticide.
to direct a spray of particles, missiles, etc., upon: to spray the mob with tear gas.
verb (used without object)
to scatter spray; discharge a spray: The hose sprayed over the flowers.
to issue as spray: The water sprayed from the hose.

1615–25; < earlier Dutch spraeyen; cognate with Middle High German spræjen

sprayable, adjective
sprayability, noun
sprayer, noun
sprayless, adjective
spraylike, adjective
unsprayable, adjective
unsprayed, adjective
well-sprayed, adjective
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World English Dictionary
spray1 (spreɪ)
1.  fine particles of a liquid
2.  a.  a liquid, such as perfume, paint, etc, designed to be discharged from an aerosol or atomizer: hair spray
 b.  the aerosol or atomizer itself
3.  a quantity of small objects flying through the air: a spray of bullets
4.  to scatter (liquid) in the form of fine particles
5.  to discharge (a liquid) from an aerosol or atomizer
6.  (tr) to treat or bombard with a spray: to spray the lawn
[C17: from Middle Dutch sprāien; related to Middle High German spræjen]

spray2 (spreɪ)
1.  a single slender shoot, twig, or branch that bears buds, leaves, flowers, or berries, either growing on or detached from a plant
2.  a small decorative bouquet or corsage of flowers and foliage
3.  a piece of jewellery designed to resemble a spray of flowers, leaves, etc
[C13: of Germanic origin; compare Old English sprǣc young shoot, Old Norse sprek brittle wood, Old High German sprahhula splinter]

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Word Origin & History

"sprinkle liquid in drops," 1527, from M.Du. sprayen, from P.Gmc. *spræwjanan (cf. Ger. sprühen "to sparkle, drizzle," Spreu "chaff," lit. "that which flies about"), from PIE base *sper- "to sow, scatter" (see sprout). The noun is attested from 1621. Spray-painting
is from 1902; spray-paint (v.) is from 1928.

"small branch," c.1300, possibly related to O.E. spræc "shoot, twig" (see sprig).
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

spray (sprā)
A fine jet of liquid discharged from a pressurized container. v. sprayed, spray·ing, sprays
To disperse a liquid in a jet of droplets.

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