un stranded


composed of a specified number or kind of strands (usually used in combination): a five-stranded rope.

1805–15; strand2 + -ed3

strandedness, noun
unstranded, adjective
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Word Origin & History

"shore," O.E. strand, from P.Gmc. *strandas (cf. Dan., Swed. strand "beach, shore, strand," O.N. strönd "border, edge, shore," M.L.G. strant, Ger. Strand, Du. strand "beach"), perhaps from PIE base *ster- "to stretch out." Strictly, the part of a shore that lies between the tide-marks. Formerly
also used of river banks, hence the London street name (1246).

"fiber of a rope, string, etc.," 1497, probably from O.Fr. estran, from a Gmc. source akin to O.H.G. streno "lock, tress, strand of hair," M.Du. strene, Ger. Strähne "skein, strand," of unknown origin.

1621, "to drive aground on a shore," from strand (n.1); fig. sense of "leave helpless" is first recorded 1837.
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