verb (used without object)
to discharge the contents of the stomach through the mouth; vomit.
verb (used with object)
to eject from the stomach through the mouth; vomit.
to cast forth, gush, or eject, as in disgust or anger: The angry sergeant spewed his charges at us.
something that is spewed; vomit.
Also, spue.

before 900; Middle English spewen to vomit, cast forth foul language, Old English spīwan to vomit; cognate with German speien, Old Norse spȳja, Gothic speiwan, Latin spuere

spewer, noun
unspewed, adjective
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spew (spjuː)
1.  to eject (the contents of the stomach) involuntarily through the mouth; vomit
2.  to spit (spittle, phlegm, etc) out of the mouth
3.  (usually foll by out) to send or be sent out in a stream: flames spewed out
4.  something ejected from the mouth
[Old English spīwan; related to Old Norse spӯja, Gothic speiwan, Old High German spīwan, Latin spuere, Lithuanian spiauti]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. spiwan "spew, spit," from P.Gmc. *spiwanan (cf. O.S. spiwan, O.N. spyja, O.Fris. spiwa, M.Du. spien, Du. spuwen, O.H.G. spiwan, Ger. speien, Goth. spiewan "to spit"), from PIE *sp(y)eu-, probably ultimately of imitative origin (cf. L. spuere, Gk. ptuein, O.C.S. pljuja, Lith. spiauti). Also in O.E.
as a weak verb, speowan. The noun meaning "vomited matter" is attested from 1609.
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