waste ( defs 26–28 ).
done to no avail; useless: wasted efforts.
physically or psychologically exhausted; debilitated: to be wasted by a long illness.
Slang. overcome by the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Archaic. (of time) gone by.

1400–50; late Middle English; see waste, -ed2

wastedness, noun
unwasted, adjective
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wasted (ˈweɪstɪd)
1.  not exploited or taken advantage of: a wasted opportunity
2.  useless or unprofitable: wasted effort
3.  physically enfeebled and emaciated: a thin wasted figure
4.  slang showing signs of habitual drug abuse

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Word Origin & History

c.1200, "devastate, ravage, ruin," from Anglo-Fr. and O.N.Fr. waster "to spoil, ruin" (O.Fr. guaster), altered (by influence of Frankish *wostjan) from L. vastare "lay waste," from vastus "empty, desolate, waste" (see vain). The word also existed in O.E. as westan. Meaning
"to lose strength or health; pine; weaken" is attested from c.1300; the sense of "squander, spend or consume uselessly" is first recorded mid-14c.; meaning "to kill" is from 1964. Wasted "intoxicated" is slang from 1950s. The adj. is recorded from late 13c.; waste-water is attested from mid-15c.; waste-paper first recorded 1580s.

c.1200, "desolate regions," from O.Fr. wast, from L. vastum, neut. of vastus "waste" (see waste (v.)); replacing O.E. westen, woesten "a desert, wilderness," from the L. word. Meaning "useless expenditure" is recorded from c.1300; sense of "refuse matter" is attested from
c.1430. Waste basket first recorded 1850.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

waste (wāst)
v. wast·ed, wast·ing, wastes
To gradually lose energy, strength, or bodily substance, as from disease. n.
The undigested residue of food eliminated from the body; excrement.

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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
waste  [%PREMIUM_LINK%]     (wāst)  Pronunciation Key 
Noun   An unusable or unwanted substance or material, such as a waste product. See also hazardous waste, landfill.

Verb   To lose or cause to lose energy, strength, weight, or vigor, as by the progressive effects of a disease such as metastatic cancer.

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