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[urj] /ɜrdʒ/
verb (used with object), urged, urging.
to push or force along; impel with force or vigor:
to urge the cause along.
to drive with incitement to speed or effort:
to urge dogs on with shouts.
to press, push, or hasten (the course, activities, etc.):
to urge one's escape.
to impel, constrain, or move to some action:
urged by necessity.
to endeavor to induce or persuade, as by entreaties; entreat or exhort earnestly:
to urge a person to greater caution.
to press (something) upon the attention:
to urge a claim.
to insist on, allege, or assert with earnestness:
to urge the need of haste.
to press by persuasion or recommendation, as for acceptance, performance, or use; recommend or advocate earnestly:
to urge a plan of action.
verb (used without object), urged, urging.
to exert a driving or impelling force; give an impulse to haste or action:
Hunger urges.
to make entreaties or earnest recommendations.
to press arguments or allegations, as against a person, action, or cause:
The senator urged against the confirmation of the appointment.
an act of urging; impelling action, influence, or force; impulse.
an involuntary, natural, or instinctive impulse:
the sex urge.
Origin of urge
1550-60; < Latin urgēre to press, force, drive, urge
Related forms
urgingly, adverb
overurge, verb, overurged, overurging.
unurged, adjective
unurging, adjective
4. incite, goad, stimulate, spur. 7. aver, asseverate.
1–3. deter. 4, 5. discourage. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for urging
  • The agency is also urging consumers to reduce their exposure to the chemical until further studies are completed.
  • He also, at his father's urging, decided to enlist a patent lawyer to help him apply for a patent on the rocket camera.
  • Scientists are urging caution and in this case that means doing our best to put a halt to this little uncontrolled experiment.
  • It will still review medical decisions retrospectively, urging doctors not to exceed certain averages.
  • It is therefore urging the government to amend the law.
  • It regularly writes letters to companies urging them to improve their corporate governance.
  • She hints that in future, contributors whose changes are undone may receive a message urging them to remain active on the site.
  • The country's seven biggest political parties-including an avowedly royalist one-are urging a boycott.
  • She is also urging the euro zone to increase the size of its rescue fund.
  • In the short term, it hopes to keep business costs down by cutting taxes and urging wage restraint.
British Dictionary definitions for urging


(transitive) to plead, press, or move (someone to do something): we urged him to surrender
(transitive; may take a clause as object) to advocate or recommend earnestly and persistently; plead or insist on: to urge the need for safety
(transitive) to impel, drive, or hasten onwards: he urged the horses on
(transitive) (archaic or literary) to stimulate, excite, or incite
a strong impulse, inner drive, or yearning
Word Origin
C16: from Latin urgēre
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Word Origin and History for urging



1550s, from Latin urgere "to press hard, push, drive, compel," from PIE root *werg- "to work" (cf. Avestan vareza "work, activity;" Greek ergon "work," orgia "religious performances," organon "tool;" Armenian gorc "work;" Lithuanian verziu "tie, fasten, squeeze," vargas "need, distress;" Old Church Slavonic vragu "enemy;" Gothic waurkjan, Old English wyrcan "work;" Gothic wrikan "persecute," Old English wrecan "drive, hunt, pursue;" Old Norse yrka "work, take effect"). Related: Urged; urging.


1610s, from urge (v.); in frequent use after c.1910.

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