noun, plural varieties.
the state of being varied or diversified: to give variety to a diet.
difference; discrepancy.
a number of different types of things, especially ones in the same general category: a large variety of fruits.
a kind or sort.
a different form, condition, or phase of something: varieties of pastry; a variety of economic reforms.
a category within a species, based on some hereditary difference.
a type of animal or plant produced by artificial selection.
Philately. a stamp differing from others of the same issue through an accident other than an error of an artist or printer. Compare error ( def 8 ), freak1 ( def 5 ).
Also called variety show. entertainment of mixed character, consisting of a number of individual performances or acts, as of singing, dancing, or skits. Compare vaudeville ( def 1 ).
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a variety: a variety performer.

1525–35; < Latin varietās, equivalent to vari(us) various + -etās, variant of -itās -ity after a vowel

nonvariety, noun, plural nonvarieties.
overvariety, noun
subvariety, noun, plural subvarieties.

1. diversity, multiplicity. 3. assortment, collection, group. 5. kind, sort, class, species.

1. sameness.

3, 5. As a collective noun, variety, when preceded by a, is often treated as a plural: A variety of inexpensive goods are sold here. When preceded by the, it is usually treated as a singular: The variety of products is small. See also collective noun, number. Unabridged
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variety (vəˈraɪɪtɪ)
n , pl -ties
1.  the quality or condition of being diversified or various
2.  a collection of unlike things, esp of the same general group; assortment
3.  a different form or kind within a general category; sort: varieties of behaviour
4.  a.  taxonomy a race whose distinct characters are insufficient to justify classification as a separate species; a subspecies
 b.  horticulture, stockbreeding a strain of animal or plant produced by artificial breeding
5.  a.  entertainment consisting of a series of short unrelated performances or acts, such as comedy turns, songs, dances, sketches, etc
 b.  (as modifier): a variety show
[C16: from Latin varietās, from various]

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Word Origin & History

1533, from M.Fr. variété, from L. varietatem (nom. varietas) "difference, diversity," from varius "various" (see vary). First recorded 1868, Amer.Eng., in ref. to "music hall or theatrical performances of a mixed nature."
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Example sentences
And since the weaker varieties persist, so does vulnerability to disease.
If you have time to apply for such jobs while applying for other varieties of
  jobs, do it.
But if he wants to be a good teacher, the best thing he can do is to teach
  himself about the varieties and vagaries of humanity.
And stainless is now made in a lot of coated varieties that don't show
  fingerprints so much.
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