active strength or force.
healthy physical or mental energy or power; vitality.
energetic activity; energy; intensity: The economic recovery has given the country a new vigor.
force of healthy growth in any living matter or organism, as a plant.
active or effective force, especially legal validity.
Also, especially British, vigour.

1300–50; Middle English vigo(u)r < Anglo-French; Middle French vigeur < Latin vigor force, energy, equivalent to vig(ēre) to be vigorous, thrive + -or -or1

vigorless, adjective

2. drive, force, strength. Unabridged
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vigour or (US) vigor (ˈvɪɡə)
1.  exuberant and resilient strength of body or mind; vitality
2.  substantial effective energy or force: the vigour of the tempest
3.  forcefulness; intensity: the vigour of her complaints
4.  the capacity for survival or strong healthy growth in a plant or animal: hybrid vigour
5.  the most active period or stage of life, manhood, etc; prime
6.  chiefly (US) legal force or effectiveness; validity (esp in the phrase in vigour)
[C14: from Old French vigeur, from Latin vigor activity, from vigēre to be lively]
vigor or (US) vigor
[C14: from Old French vigeur, from Latin vigor activity, from vigēre to be lively]

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. vigour, O.Fr. vigor, from L. vigorem (nom. vigor) "liveliness, activity, force," from vigere "be lively, flourish, thrive," from PIE *wog-/*weg- "be lively or active" (see vigil).

British spelling of vigor (q.v.); for suffix, see -or.
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Example sentences
They celebrate the great achievements of the past and tackle with vigour the problems of the present.
The issues he identifies are being addressed with tremendous vigour now.
There has been a gain of accuracy, but a serious loss of vigour.
His genius was varied and copious, and he showed his capacity to do almost
  every kind of dramatic work with immense vigour.
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