capable of being traveled, crossed, or covered by walking: a walkable road; a walkable distance.
suited to or adapted for walking: walkable shoes.

1730–40; walk + -able

walkability, noun
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walk (wɔːk)
1.  (intr) to move along or travel on foot at a moderate rate; advance in such a manner that at least one foot is always on the ground
2.  (tr) to pass through, on, or over on foot, esp habitually
3.  (tr) to cause, assist, or force to move along at a moderate rate: to walk a dog
4.  (tr) to escort or conduct by walking: to walk someone home
5.  (intr) (of ghosts, spirits, etc) to appear or move about in visible form
6.  (of inanimate objects) to move or cause to move in a manner that resembles walking
7.  (intr) to follow a certain course or way of life: to walk in misery
8.  (tr) to bring into a certain condition by walking: I walked my shoes to shreds
9.  (tr) to measure, survey, or examine by walking
10.  (tr) baseball to allow a batter to go to first base without batting by throwing four balls outside of the strike zone
11.  (intr) basketball Also: travel to take more than two steps without passing or dribbling the ball
12.  to disappear or be stolen: where's my pencil? It seems to have walked
13.  slang chiefly (US) (intr) (in a court of law) to be acquitted or given a noncustodial sentence
14.  walk it to win easily
15.  walk the plank See plank
16.  walk on air to be delighted or exhilarated
17.  informal walk tall to have self-respect or pride
18.  walk the streets
 a.  to be a prostitute
 b.  to wander round a town or city, esp when looking for work or having nowhere to stay
19.  informal walk the walk, walk the talk See also talk to put theory into practice: you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
20.  the act or an instance of walking
21.  the distance or extent walked
22.  a manner of walking; gait
23.  a place set aside for walking; promenade
24.  a chosen profession or sphere of activity (esp in the phrase walk of life)
25.  a foot race in which competitors walk
26.  a.  an arrangement of trees or shrubs in widely separated rows
 b.  the space between such rows
27.  an enclosed ground for the exercise or feeding of domestic animals, esp horses
28.  chiefly (Brit) the route covered in the course of work, as by a tradesman or postman
29.  a procession; march: Orange walk
30.  obsolete the section of a forest controlled by a keeper
[Old English wealcan; related to Old High German walchan, Sanskrit valgati he moves]

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Example sentences
People take cars for walkable trips in part because such trips are boring and
Walkable metropolises and health clubs would improve the experience of living
  in urban areas.
Yet this suburb was a city before cars existed, making it especially dense,
  walkable and charming.
In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the
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