Theater, Television.
a rehearsal in which physical action is combined with reading the lines of a play.
a perfunctory performance of a script.
Television, Movies. a rehearsal without cameras.
a step-by-step demonstration of a procedure or process or a step-by-step explanation of it as a novice attempts it.
a pedestrian passageway or arcade through the ground floor of a building connecting one street or building with another.
designed to be walked through by an observer: The zoo has a walk-through aviary where the birds are all around you.
activated by a person passing through: a walk-through electronic scanner at the airport for detecting concealed weapons.

1935–40; noun, adj. use of verb phrase walk through

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1. a thorough explanation (usually accompanied by a demonstration) of each step in a procedure or process; "she gave me a walk-through of my new duties" 
2. a pedestrian passageway through the ground floor of a building 
3. a first perfunctory rehearsal of a theatrical production in which actors read their lines from the script and move as directed 
4. the act of walking in order to view something; "the realtor took her on a walk-through of the apartment" 
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Example sentences
That's funny, you didn't see those wide lines and spots on the wall when you
  did your walkthrough inspection.
These seats fold flat and flip forward to provide access to the third row, and
  there is a center walkthrough as well.
Included with each table is a history of the table and also a detailed
  walkthrough on each scoring strategy.
Brady took part in the morning walkthrough and later participated in the
  afternoon practice.
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