well measured


ascertained or apportioned by measure: The race was over the course of a measured mile.
accurately regulated or proportioned.
regular or uniform, as in movement; rhythmical: to walk with measured strides.
deliberate and restrained; careful; carefully weighed or considered: measured language; measured terms.
in the form of meter or verse; metrical.

1350–1400; Middle English; see measure, -ed2

measuredly, adverb
measuredness, noun
well-measured, adjective
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measured (ˈmɛʒəd)
1.  determined by measurement
2.  slow, stately, or leisurely
3.  carefully considered; deliberate

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, from O.Fr. mesurer, from L.L. mensurare "to measure," from L. mensura "a measuring, a thing to measure by," from mensus, pp. of metiri "to measure," from PIE *ma-/*me- "measure" (see meter (2)). Replaced O.E. cognate mæð "measure." The noun also is attested
from c.1300. Meaning "treatment 'meted out' to someone" is from 1590s; that of "plan or course of action intended to obtain some goal" is from 1690s; sense of "legislative enactment" is from 1759. To measure up "have the necessary abilities" is 1910, Amer.Eng. Phrase for good measure (late 14c.) is lit. "ample in quantity, in goods sold by measure." Related: Measuring.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

measure meas·ure (mězh'ər)

  1. Dimensions, quantity, or capacity as ascertained by comparison with a standard.

  2. A reference standard or sample used for the quantitative comparison of properties.

  3. A unit specified by a scale, such as a degree, or by variable conditions, such as room temperature.

  4. A system of measurement, such as the metric system.

  5. A device used for measuring.

  6. The act of measuring.

  7. An evaluation or a basis of comparison.

  8. Extent or degree.

  9. A definite quantity that has been measured out.

v. meas·ured, meas·ur·ing, meas·ures
  1. To ascertain the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of.

  2. To mark, lay out, or establish dimensions for by measuring.

  3. To bring into comparison.

  4. To mark off or apportion, usually with reference to a given unit of measurement.

  5. To serve as a measure of.

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