having a voice of a specified kind (usually used in combination): shrill-voiced.
expressed vocally: his voiced opinion.
Phonetics. pronounced with glottal vibrations; phonated (contrasted with voiceless ): “b,” “v,” and “z” are voiced.

1590–1600; voice + -ed2, -ed3

voicedness [voi-sid-nis, voist-nis] , noun
multivoiced, adjective
well-voiced, adjective
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voiced (vɔɪst)
1.  declared or expressed by the voice
2.  (in combination) having a voice as specified: loud-voiced
3.  phonetics Compare voiceless articulated with accompanying vibration of the vocal cords: in English (b) is a voiced consonant

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Word Origin & History

late 13c., "sound made by the human mouth," from O.Fr. voiz, from L. vocem (nom. vox) "voice, sound, utterance, cry, call, speech, sentence, language, word," related to vocare "to call," from PIE base *wek- "give vocal utterance, speak" (cf. Skt. vakti "speaks, says," vacas- "word;" Avestan vac- "speak,
say;" Gk. aor. eipon "spoke, said," epos "word;" O.Prus. wackis "cry;" Ger. er-wähnen "to mention"). Replaced O.E. stefn. Meaning "ability in a singer" is first attested c.1600. Verb meaning "to express" (a feeling, opinion, etc.) first attested c.1600. The noun in this sense (in ref. to groups of people, etc., e.g. Voice of America) is recorded from late 14c.
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voice (vois)
The sound made by air passing out through the larynx and upper respiratory tract and produced by the vibration of the vocal organs.

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