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noun phrase

  1. (also wise apple)A person who is ostentatiously and smugly knowing; smart aleck, smart-ass: My little brother is an irrepressible wise guy (1896+)
  2. (also wise hombre)A shrewd and knowing person; a person who is ''wised up'': The wise guys said Frank didn't stand a chance (1896+)
  3. A professional criminal, esp a mob member: The wiseguys like places they're known/ Hanging out at a neighborhood restaurant in the Italian section of Queens, the first thing he learned is that the wiseguys never talk about what they do (1970s+ Underworld)
The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
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wirehead in Technology
/wi:r'hed/ (Probably from SF slang for an electrical brain-stimulation addict) 1. A hardware hacker, especially one who concentrates on communications hardware.
2. An expert in local-area networks. A wirehead can be a network software wizard too, but will always have the ability to deal with network hardware, down to the smallest component. Wireheads are known for their ability to lash up an Ethernet terminator from spare resistors, for example.
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