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wise1 (waɪz)
adj (often foll by to)
1.  possessing, showing, or prompted by wisdom or discernment
2.  prudent; sensible
3.  shrewd; crafty: a wise plan
4.  well-informed; erudite
5.  aware, informed, or knowing (esp in the phrase none the wiser)
6.  slang in the know, esp possessing inside information (about)
7.  archaic possessing powers of magic
8.  slang chiefly (US), (Canadian) cocksure or insolent
9.  informal (often foll by to) be wise, get wise to be or become aware or informed (of something) or to face up (to facts)
10.  slang (often foll by to) put wise to inform or warn (of)
11.  See wise up
[Old English wīs; related to Old Norse vīss, Gothic weis, German weise]

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1. the quality of being prudent and sensible [syn: wisdom] [ant: unsoundness
2. the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight [syn: wisdom] [ant: folly
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