zip up


1 [zip]
a sudden, brief hissing sound, as of a bullet.
Informal. energy; vim; vigor.
verb (used without object), zipped, zipping.
to move with a zipping sound.
Informal. to act or move with speed or energy: I'll just zip upstairs.
verb (used with object), zipped, zipping. Informal.
to convey with speed and energy: I'll zip you downtown on my motorcycle.
to add vitality or zest to (usually followed by up ): A little garlic zips up a salad.

1850–55; of expressive orig.

2. pep, dash, verve, vivacity, vitality. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
zip (zɪp)
1.  a.  Also called: zip fastener, US and Canadian term: zipper a fastening device operating by means of two parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth on either side of a closure that are interlocked by a sliding tab
 b.  (modifier) having or equipped with such a device: a zip bag
2.  a short sharp whizzing sound, as of a passing bullet
3.  informal energy; vigour; vitality
4.  slang (US) nothing
5.  slang (US), (Canadian) sport nil
vb (often foll by up) , zips, zipping, zipped
6.  to fasten (clothing, a bag, etc) with a zip
7.  (intr) to move with a zip: the bullet zipped past
8.  (intr; often foll by along, through, etc) to hurry; rush: they zipped through town
9.  (tr) computing to compress (a file) in order to reduce the amount of memory required to store it or to make sending it electronically quicker
[C19: of imitative origin]

Zip (zɪp)
(NZ) trademark an electric water heater

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Word Origin & History

"move rapidly," 1852, of echoic origin. Zippy is first attested 1904. Zip gun "homemade pistol" first recorded 1950.

"zero," 1900, student slang for a grade of zero on a test, etc.; of unknown origin; cf. zilch.

"to close or fasten by means of a zipper," 1932, back-formation from zipper.

1963, in U.S. postal ZIP code, an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, no doubt chosen with conscious echo of zip (v.1).
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Slang Dictionary

zip definition

  1. n.
    nothing. : There was no mail today. Nothing. Zip.
  2. n.
    a score or grade of zero. : Well, you got zip on the last test. Sorry about that.
  3. n.
    vigor; spunk. : Put some zip into it. It's too ho-hum.
  4. in.
    to move to a place fast. : I'll zip to the office and get a new form.
  5. n.
    a worthless person; a person who amounts to zero. : Garth is such a zip. No brains in his head at all.
  6. n.
    an ounce of a drug. : How much for a zip of hash.
  7. n.
    cocaine. : He's freezing his nose with zip nearly every night.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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American Heritage
Abbreviations & Acronyms
compressed file
  1. zone improvement plan

  2. Zone Information Protocol

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