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The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
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zorch in Technology

/zorch/ 1. [TMRC] To attack with an inverse heat sink.
2. [TMRC] To travel with velocity approaching lightspeed.
3. [MIT] To propel something very quickly. "The new comm software is very fast; it really zorches files through the network."
4. [MIT] Influence. Brownie points. Good karma. The intangible and fuzzy currency in which favours are measured. "I'd rather not ask him for that just yet; I think I've used up my quota of zorch with him for the week."
5. [MIT] Energy, drive, or ability. "I think I'll punt that change for now; I've been up for 30 hours and I've run out of zorch."
6. [MIT] To flunk an exam or course.
7. Computing power.
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