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What is the difference between blatant and flagrant?

Blatant refers to anything that is offensive, notorious, or shocking, especially in an obvious or conspicuous way. Something that is blatant is often obtrusive in a crass manner - and blatant can be used of persons and things. Flagrant refers to anything that is evil or wrong, a willful or glaring violation of a promise or flouting of law or morality. A flagrant offense or error is so bad that it cannot escape notice. Flagrant is definitely the stronger term. Blatant was purportedly created by the English poet Spenser; flagrant derives from an Aryan word meaning 'to blaze' and its original meaning was 'blazing, burning, flaming'. Examples are: He blatantly lied about having permission to leave the school. / It was a flagrant violation of human rights.

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