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What is the etymology of pajamas?

Pajamas were first worn by both sexes in Turkey, Iran, India, etc., stemming from the Persian words pae (pay) jamah(s) meaning 'leg' and 'clothing, garment'. Pajamas were adopted by Europeans, especially for night wear. Starting around 1800, it was found in print as pai jamahs, pigammahs, peijammahs, piejamahs, pyjamahs before pyjamas showed up c. 1878. This garment is called pyjamas in the UK and pajamas in the US. Pajamas originated as loose drawers or pants that were tied at the waist; therefore, pajama pants or pajama bottoms are somewhat redundant, though these terms came into use as pajamas became a two-piece garment. The proper way to write pj's is with an apostrophe.

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