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Does the ability to spell indicate one's intelligence, education, or desire?

Poor spelling ability really does not have a relationship to general intelligence. However, desire, education, and intelligence do have something to do with excellent spelling ability. And the personality traits of being meticulous and organized certainly have an impact on one's ability to spell well. From some surveys that have been done, it has been found that the top spellers were more organized than the average spellers. So, the ability to spell well may be more related to personality traits or habits than other factors. You are also likely to be a good speller if you have a deep interest in language, its roots, the connections between different words via meaning and sound, and in the poetic quality of words. To improve one's spelling if one is not naturally good at it takes practice. You have to look things up, keep a spelling journal, take quizzes, etc., if becoming a better speller is your goal. With practice, you can train yourself to take pictures of words. You can add words consciously to your visual memory. Visualization is very helpful because spelling is primarily a visual activity. Many good spellers depend on visual memory to determine whether a word looks right or wrong. The more finely tuned your visual memory becomes, the better your spelling will be. Paying closer attention to the way words look also encourages you to notice the world around you more. This is a great side effect - increasing your powers of observation!

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