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What is the best way to check your spelling when writing on a computer?

You can run the software program's spell checker on your document, but you cannot rely on it. One common error is to type "form" instead of "from." Since both words would be in the dictionary of any spell checker program, you can see that the spell checker is not going to flag this error if you make it! A spell checker cannot correct errors in punctuation, and it is not much help on usage; it will not find words which are misused but spelled correctly. A spell checker will also not catch a sentence fragment. Therefore, the message is that proofreading is not eliminated by the use of a software spell checker. Proofreading is still very much required. You can use the spell checker as a first step, but thorough proofreading is necessary - with a good dictionary by your side or online. Reading each sentence for context is the best way to see if you spelled something wrong or left a word out. Some people even suggest a final step of reading your document backwards, word for word to catch mistakes.

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