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How can I learn to spell correctly? What are some good spelling tips to remember?

Look up any word you are unsure about in a dictionary or with a dictionary/thesaurus combination. The more times you see a spelling, the better your chances of remembering it. To that end, read and write more so you are practicing! Read the spelling rules in a dictionary's introduction and learn the catch phrases that help you remember them, like i before e except after c. Take spelling quizzes. Also, play spelling or word games like Scrabble. You can even make your own spelling tests for words that are particularly hard for you or words from school texts that you are reading. Also, use a spell checker. Here are a couple of good ones on the Web: Aspell Spell Helper, SpellCheck.net, and http://www.spellweb.com/. Spell checkers are helpful, but do not rely on them. A spell checker will catch, say, "hte" for "the," but it won't catch "form" for "from"; it also can't tell you if you've improperly used "it's" instead of "its." Re-read what you have written, or have someone else read it for you. You should also peruse a list of commonly misspelled words at Other Commonly Misspelled Words. And don't misspell "misspell." It is not "mispell." The word is mis- + spell.

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