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What is the term "bed and breakfast" in the context of darts and bingo?

In darts and bingo, "bed and breakfast" means a score of 26. Dart enthusiasts have some arcane and specialized vocabulary to describe parts of the game. "Oche" or "throw line" is the line behind which dart players must stand. "Cork" is the bull's-eye and the center is divided into "bull" and the "double bull" or "black dog." "Hat trick," also used in a number of other sports, refers to having all three of a player's darts being bull's-eyes during a round. To get to a score of 26 in darts, you would need to hit a 1, 5, and 20. This is fairly common and is also called "the classic," "a Murphy," or "two and six," besides "bed and breakfast." The term "bed and breakfast" derives from the cost of a typical night in a hotel and breakfast in early England, which may have cost 2 shillings and 6 pence. Bingo terminology includes "Valentine's Day" (a score of 14) and "Heinz varieties" (a score of 57).

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