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What are the common prefixes and combining forms of English and what do they mean?

a-, ab-, abs-* from, away from
a-, an-* at, in, on; in such a manner, state, or condition
a-, an-* not, without, lacking
ac-, ad-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, as-, at-* to, toward, near
acanth-, acantho-* spiny, thorny
acous-* hearing
acr-, acro-* top; extremity, end
aden-, adeno-* gland
adren-, adreno-* adrenal gland
aer-, aero-* air, gas
all-, allo-* other, different
alti-, alto-* high
am-, amb-, ambi-, amphi-* both, both sides; round; about
amyl-, amylo-* starch
ana-* again; thorough, thoroughly
ana-, an-* up, upward; back, backward
andr-, andro-* man; male
anem-, anemo-* wind
ant-, ante-* before, prior, earlier; in front of
anthrop-, anthropo-* man
anti-, ant-, anth-* against, opposite; combating, defending
api-* bee
apo-, ap-* away; from; related
aqui-, aqua-* water
arbor-, arbori-* tree
arch-, archi-* chief, principal, supreme; extreme
arche-, archeo-, archae-, archaeo-* old, ancient
arteri-, arterio-* artery
arthr-, arthro-* joint
astr-, astro-, aster-* star
atmo-* vapor
audio-* hearing, sound
auto-* self-moving
avi-* bird
az-, azo-* nitrogenous
bacci-* berry
bacteri-, bacterio-* bacteria
bar-, baro-* weight, pressure
bath-, batho-, bathy-* deep, depth
be-* to make, cause; to take from
be-* on, over; against, across; thoroughly, excessively
bi-, bio-* life, living
bi-, bis-* twice, two, double, in two
biblio-* book
blephar-, blepharo-* eyelid, eyelash
bracchio-* arm
brachy-* short
brevi-* short
bronch-, broncho-, bronchi-, bronchio-* throat, lung
caco-* evil
calci-* lime
cardio-* heart
carpo-* fruit
cat-, cata-, cath-, cato-* down, downward, under; against; completeness, thorough, thoroughly
cen-, ceno-* new, recent
centi-* hundred
cephal-, cephalo-* head
cerebro-* brain
cervic-, cervico-, cervici-* neck
chiro-* hand
chlor-, chloro-* green
chol-, chole-, cholo-* bile
chondr-, chondri-, chondro-* cartilage
choreo-* dance
choro-* country
chrom-, chromo-, chromato-* color, colored
chron-, chrono-* time
chrys-, chryso-* gold
circum-, circu-* around, about
cirr-, cirri-, cirro-* curl
cis-* on this side; near
cleisto-* closed
con-, co-, cog-, col-, com-, cor-* together, with; thorough, thoroughly
contra-* against, in opposition, contrasting, contrary
cosmo-* universe
counter-* against, in opposition; substitute
cranio-* skull
cruci-* cross
cry-, cryo-* cold
crypt-, crypto-* hidden
cupro-* copper; bronze
cyst-, cysti-, cysto-* bladder, sac
cyt-, cyto-* cell
dactyl-, dactylo-* finger, toe
de-* down, from, separation; not; reverse; remove; get of; derived
deca-, deci-, dec-, deka-, dek-* ten
demi-* half, part of
dent-, denti-, dento-* tooth
dentro-* three
derm-, derma- dermo-* skin
deut-, deuto-, deutero-* second
dextr-, dextro-* right side
di-* two
dia-, di-* through, across
digit-, digiti-* finger
dipl-, diplo-* double, twofold
dis-* exclude, remove; do opposite
dis-, dif-, di-* not, opposite; apart; two
dodeca-, dodec-* twelve
dors-, dorsi-, dorso-* back of body
dyna-, dynamo-* force, power
dys-, dis-* badly, difficult, hard; evil; abnormal
echin-, echino-* spine
ect-, ecto-* outside, external
ef-, e-, ec-* out, not, absent
el-, em-, en-* in, into, on, within
en-, em-* cause to be, to make; to surround, cover
encephal-, encephalo-* brain
end-, endo-* inside, within
ennea-* nine
ent-, ento-* inside, within
enter-, entero-* intestine
entomo-* insect
eo-* early, old
epi-, ep-* on, upon, beside, above; out, on the outside; during
equi-* equal, alike
erg-, ergo-* work
erythr-, erythro-* red
ethno-* race, nation
eu-* good, well; true
ex-, exo-* from; out, out of, outside, external; without; former
extra-* on the outside, external; beyond, in excess, additional, exceptionally
febri-* fever
ferri-, ferro-* iron
fibr-, fibro-* threadlike, fibrous
fissi-* split
fluvio-* river
for-* not; against, forth; away; prohibitive
fore-* before, early; in front of, front part of
gain-* against
galact-, galacto-* milk
gam-, gamo-* together; copulation
gastr-, gastro-, gastri-* stomach, eating
ge-, geo-* earth, land
gem-, gemmi-* bud
geront-, geronto-* old age
gloss-, glosso-* tongue; language
gluc-, gluco-, glyc-* sweet
glypto-, glyph-* carving
gon-, gono-* reproduction
grapho-* writing
gymn-, gymno-* naked
gynec-, gyneco-, gynaec-, gynaeco-* woman
hagi-, hagio-* holy
hal-, halo-* salt, sea
hapl-, haplo-* simple, single
hect-, hecto-* hundred heli-, helio-* sun
helic-, helico-* spiral
hem-, hemo-, haem-, haemo-, haemato-, hema-* blood
hemi-* half
hepat-, hepato-* liver
hepta-, hept-* seven
hetero-, heter-* different, opposite, irregular, abnormal; another
hexa-, hex-* six
hist-, histo-* tissue
hodo-* path, way
hol-, holo-* whole, complete, total
hom-, homo-, homeo-* similar, same, alike
hydr-, hydro-* water, liquid
hyet-, hyeto-* rain
hygr-, hygro-* wet
hyl-, hylo-* matter
hymeno-* membrane
hyp-, hypo-* under, beneath; deficient, less than
hyper-* above, over, beyond, extreme; beyond three dimensions
hypn-, hypno-* sleep
hypso-* high
hyster-, hystero-* womb; hysteria
iatro-* medicine
ichthy-, ichthyo-* fish
igni-* fire
ile-, ileo-* end of small intestine
ilio-* upper hip bone, flank
in-, ig-, il-, im-, ir-* (form adjectives) not, opposite
in-, il-, im-, ir-* (form nouns, verbs) in, into; on
infra-* under, beneath; within
inter-* between; among, in the midst
intra-* within, interior, between; on the outside; during
intro-* within; into, in
is-, iso-* equal, uniform; equality, similarity
juxta-* close to, near to, beside
kerat-, kerato-* cornea
kinesi-, kineto-* movement
labio-* lip
lact-, lacti-, lacto-* milk
laryng-, laryngo-* larynx, voice box
lepto-* slender
leuk-, leuko-, leuc- leuco-* white
lign-, ligni-, ligno-* wood
litho-* stone
log-, logo-* word, oral
luni-* moon
lyo-, lysi-* dissolving, dispersed
macr-, macro-* large; long
magni-* great
mal-, male-* bad, badly; ill; evil; abnormal, inadequate
malac-, malaco-* soft
mega-, megalo-, meg-* great, large; million
melan-, melano-* black, dark
mero-* part
mes-, meso-* middle, intermediate
meta-, met-* beyond; after; over; changed/transferred/substituted
metr-* measure
metr-, metro-* uterus
micr-, micro-* very small
mid-* middle, mean
mini-* very small, short
mis-* degrading, less, lack of; ill
mis-* divergence; defect; error, wrong, badly
mis-, miso-* hatred
mon-, mono-* one, alone, solitary, single
morph-, morpho-* shape, form
multi-, mult-* many, much
my-, myo-* muscle
myc-, myco-* fungus
myel-, myelo-* spinal cord, marrow
naso-* nose
nati-* birth
ne-, n-* no, not
ne-, neo-* new, recent; revived
necr-, necro-* dead body
nepho-* cloud
nephr-, nephro-* kidney
neur-, neuro-* nerve
nocti-* night
non-* not; reverse; unimportant, lacking
noso-* sickness
not-, noto-* back of body
nycto-* night
ob-, oc-, of-, o-, op-* in the way of; against; out, inverse
octa-, octo-, oct-* eight
ocul-, oculo-* eye
odont-, odonto-* tooth
of-, op-* against
oleo-* oil
olig-, oligo-* few
ombro-* rain
omni-* all
oneiro-* dream
ont-, onto-* being, organism
oo-, o-* egg
ophthalm-, ophthalmo-* eye
ornith-, ornitho-* bird
oro-* mouth
orth-, ortho-* straight
oste-, osteo-, ossi-* bone
oto-* ear
out-* behond, exceeding, surpassing; above
ov-, ovi-, ovo-* egg
over-* above, beyond, too much, excessive
oxy-* sharp; oxygen
pachy-* thick
pale-, paleo-, palae-, palaeo-* ancient, old
pan-, panto-* all, everything, group, whole; worldwide
para-, par-* close, beside; like, alike
para-, par-* unlike, contrary; abnormal, faulty
pari-* equal
path-, patho-* suffering, disease
ped-, pedo-* child
penta-, pente-, pent-* five
per-, pel-* through; thoroughly; by; for
peri-* round; about, enclosing
petr-, petri-, petro-* stone; petroleum
phago-* eating
phleb-, phlebo-* vein
phon-, phono-* sound, speech
phot-, photo-* light; photograph
phren-, phreno-* brain; diaphragm
phyll-, phyllo-* leaf
phylo-* species, organism
picr-, picro-* bitter
piezo-* pressure
pisci-* fish
plan-, plano-* flat; moving
pleur-, pleuro-* side of body, lateral
pluto-* wealth
pluvio-* rain
pneum-, pneumo-* respiration, lungs; air, gas
pneumat-, pneumato-* breath, vapor
poly-* many; excessive
post-* after, afterwards; behind, following, later
pre-, prae-* before, earlier, in advance, preparatory; priority
preter-* beyond, more than
primi-, prim-* first
pro-* favoring; taking the place of
pro-, por-, pur-* for, on the side of; front, forward, forth; before, earlier
pros-* to, towards, near; in front of
prot-, proto-* first, original; lowest
pseud-, pseudo-* false, spurious
psycho-, psycho-* mental; mind, spirit, soul
ptero-* wing
pulmo-* lung
pyo-* pus
pyr-, pyro-* fire, heat
quadri-, quadr-, quadru-* four
quinque-* five
re-* again, back; anew, a second time
recti-* straight
reni-, reno-* kidney
retro-* backward, back
rheo-* flow
rhin-, rhino-* nose
rhiz-, rhizo-* root
sacchar-, sacchari-, sacchro-* sugar
sacr-, sacro-* pelvic; above tailbone
sangui-* blood
sapr-, sapro-* dead, rotten; decaying
sarc-, sarco-* flesh, muscle
scelero-* hard
schisto-, shiz-, schizo-* split
se-* aside, apart; separating
seba-, sebo-* fatty
selen-, seleno-* moon
semi-* half; in part, incomplete
septi-* seven
sero-* serum, blood
sex-, sexi-* six
sider-, sidero-* star; iron
sine-* without
somat-, somato-* body
somn-* sleep
sperm-, spermo-, sperma-, spermi-, spermat-, spermato-* seed
spiro-* breath
stato-* resting position, equilibrium
stauro-* cross
stell-* star
sten-, steno-* short, narrow, close
stere-, stereo-* solid; multi-dimensional
stom-, stomo-* mouth
styl-, styli-, stylo-* style
styl-, stylo-* pillar
sub-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sus-* under; below, beneath; less, nearly, almost; secondary
subter-* beneath; under
super-, supra-, sur-* above, over, higher, in excess; very special, superior
syn-*, sy-, syl-, sym-* with, together, at the same time
tachy-* rapid
taut-, tauto-* same
tele-, tel-, telo-* distant; electronic communication
teleo-* final, purpose
terra-* land, earth
the-, theo-* god
therm-, thermo-* heat
thromb-, thrombo-* blood clot
topo-* place, point
tox-, toxi-, toxo-* poison
trache-, tracheo-* windpipe
trans-, tra-* through; across, over, beyond, on the far side; from one place to another; change
tri-, tris-* three
ultra-* beyond; on the other side; extreme
un-* do opposite, reverse; release, remove
un-* not; the opposite of
undec-* eleven
under-* lower, beneath; too little
uni-* one, single
up-* aloft, on high, upwards
uter-, utero-* uterus, womb
vari-, vario-* different, diverse
vas-, vaso-* blood vessel
ventr-, ventro-* abdominal, belly
vice-* assisting, substituting, deputy
with-* from, opposing
xen-, xeno-* foreign, strange
zo-, zoo-* living, animal
zyg-, zygo-* double, pair, union; egg yolk
zym-, zymo-* enzyme, fermentation

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