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What are the most mispronounced words?

Here are some of them: across, affidavit, Antarctic, ask, athlete, Arctic, Australia, barbed wire, barbiturate, bruschetta, business, cavalry, candidate, cardsharp, clothes, comfortable, croissant, culinary, dilate, diphtheria, drown, duct tape, electoral, escape, especially, espresso, etcetera, February, federal, figure, forte, herb, insouciant, jewelry, lambaste, larynx, liable, library, mauve, mayonnaise, menstruation, miniature, minuscule, mischievous, moot, nuclear, nuptial, often, ordinance, parliament, percolate, peremptory, pernickety, perspire, plenitude, prescription, prerogative, probably, pronunciation, realtor, relevant, respite, sherbet, suite, supposedly, taut, Tijuana, toward, triathlon, verbiage, yolk, zoology.

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