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Where can I get a list of the different parts of an object?

Visual dictionaries are great for finding the names of the different parts of objects. Very often, dictionaries cannot include all of the technical terms for these parts. In other instances, the dictionaries define the parts but do not list all of the possible objects which they may be a part of. Visual dictionaries are a great supplement to your reference shelf and offer illustrations of things that standard dictionaries and encyclopedias do not have the room to include. The other great thing about visual dictionaries is that one can see the many names for things that one never knew there was a name for. Just take a visual dictionary's illustration of a running shoe. You may know what these are: toe box, laces, eyelets, tongue, uppers, and sole. But what about: vamp, eye stay, binding, heel patch, heel counter, foxing, midsole, wedge, and outsole? Could you point them out?

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