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Why isn't there a word for everything? (Or is there?)

It is hard to speculate about this. One has to imagine that with the proliferation of things and concepts and actions that can be named, there must be some that have remained unnamed. But then, there are billions of people in the world and the chance that somebody somewhere at sometime gave a name to something obscure - well, that chance is pretty good, too. New words are popping up as you are reading this and hundreds of great old words are being ignored. When new words succeed, it may be because they have filled a gap in our vocabulary or have given an additional perspective to something familiar. But whether a new word survives and flourishes does not depend on whether it fills a perceived gap in the vocabulary and not even on whether it is useful. Rather, it depends on whether it clicks with speakers and writers of the language. A dictionary records new words; it is not their source. People invent new words and if they succeed, dictionary editors will then include them.

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