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  1. tv. & in.
    to leave (someplace) in a hurry. (See also blow town; blow the joint.) : It's late. I gotta blow.
  2. tv.
    to ruin something; to ruin an opportunity. : It was my last chance, and I blew it.
  3. n.
    a setback; an attack. : Acme Systems Industries suffered a blow to its plans to acquire ABC Steel Widgets.
  4. tv.
    to waste money; to spend money. : Mary blew forty bucks on a secondhand radio.
  5. in.
    to become very angry; to lose one's temper. (See also blow a fuse.) : Finally I had had enough, and I blew.
  6. in.
    to play a musical instrument, not necessarily a wind instrument. : He blows, and everybody listens.
  7. n.
    and blow-out. a drinking party. : What a blow over at Joe's. I'll never get sober. , We blew out of the blow-out at about midnight.
  8. tv.
    to snortany powdered drug; to take snuff. (Drugs.) : Those guys spend all their time blowing coke.
  9. in.
    to smoke marijuana. (Drugs.) : He sits there blowing by the hour. How can he afford it?
  10. n.
    cocaine. (Drugs.) : You can get some good blow over at that crack house.
  11. tv.
    to perform an act of oral sex on someone, especially males. (Usually objectionable.) : Tom was looking for some bone addict who would blow him for nothing.
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blow over

Pass away, subside. For example, The storm will blow over by afternoon, or After a couple of years the scandal will blow over. This term, with its analogy to storm clouds that pass over an area without descending, dates from about 1600.

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