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  1. n.
    a small drink of hard liquor or of beer. : I'll have a short and a pack of cigarettes.
  2. mod.
    having to do with a single drink of undiluted liquor. : I'll take mine short, innkeeper.
  3. n.
    a purchase of drugs that counts or weighs out less than the amount agreed upon. : You gave me a short. Fix it now, or this thing goes off accidentally in your ear.
  4. tv.
    to give someone less of something than was agreed upon. : They shorted us on the last order, so we switched suppliers.
  5. n.
    a car. (Streets.) : Man, that's some short you got!
  6. n.
    the sale of borrowed shares of stock; a short sale. (Securities markets.) : There is a lot of covering of shorts this week. After that the market is in for a steady decline.
  7. tv.
    to sell borrowed stock. (Securities markets.) : The way the deficit is running, I'd short the whole market.
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for short

Also, short for. As an abbreviation. For example, Richard prefers to be called Dick for short, or The Fed is short for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. [Mid-1800s]

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