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  1. n.
    a success; something that meets with approval. (Often with with.) : The fudge with nuts in it was a great hit at the sale.
  2. n.
    a successful result; something that is exactly as intended. : Your idea was right on target—a hit for sure.
  3. n.
    a drink of liquor; a dose of a drug. (See also bop.) : He had a hit of sauce and went out to finish his work.
  4. tv.
    to reach something; to achieve something. : I hit sixty next month, and I'm going to retire.
  5. tv.
    to kill someone; to assassinate someone. (Underworld.) : The thug set out to hit the mayor, but got nabbed first.
  6. tv.
    to attack or rob someone or something. (Underworld.) : Can you believe that they tried to hit a block party on Fourth Street?
  7. n.
    a robbery; an assassination. (Underworld.) : There was a hit at the bank on Maple Street last night.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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