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  1. mod.
    and hot under the collar. angry. : Gee, that guy is really hot under the collar. What did I do?
  2. mod.
    wanted by the police. (Underworld.) : Lefty is hot because of his part in the bank job.
  3. mod.
    stolen. : Rocko won't touch a hot watch or anything else hot.
  4. mod.
    carrying contraband and subject to arrest if caught. : Lefty was hot and needed a place to stay.
  5. mod.
    having a run of good luck in gambling. : I was hot when I started. I'm broke now.
  6. mod.
    of great renown; doing quite well for the time being. : The opera tenor was hot, and even the lowbrows would pay to hear him.
  7. mod.
    alcohol intoxicated. (Old.) : Willy was too hot to stand up.
  8. mod.
    selling well. : These things are really hot this season.
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hot and heavy

  1. Very enthusiastic and excited, as in That was a hot and heavy debate. This slangy expression employs hot in the sense of "characterized by intense feeling," a usage dating from the tenth century a.d., and heavy in the sense of "serious."

  2. Passionate, lustful, as in They were awfully young to be so hot and heavy about their romance. This slangy term employs hot in the sense of "sexually aroused," a usage dating from about 1500.

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