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  1. n.
    a baseball bat. (Baseball.) : He holds the stick up higher than most batters.
  2. n.
    a pool cue. : He drew the stick back slowly, sighted again, and gave the cue ball a sharp knock.
  3. n.
    a golf club. : These aren't my sticks, and you aren't my caddy. What's going on around here?
  4. n.
    the lever that controls the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the tail of an aircraft. : The pilot pulled back on the stick, and the plane did nothing—being that he hadn't even started the engine or anything. , You pull back on the stick, which lowers the tail and raises the nose, and up you go.
  5. n.
    a gearshift lever in a car. (See also stick shift.) : I keep reaching for the stick in a
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stick up

  1. Project from a surface, as in That little cowlick of his sticks up no matter what you do. [Early 1400s]

  2. Put up a poster or notice, as in Will you stick up this announcement on the bulletin board? [Late 1700s]

  3. Rob, especially at gunpoint, as in The gang concentrated on sticking up liquor stores and gas stations. This usage, dating from the mid-1800s, gave rise to the colloquial phrase, stick 'em up, a robber's order to a victim to raise his or her hands above the head. [1930s]

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