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The Medical Dictionary has the most authoritative medical reference source, the American Heritage Medical Dictionary. The result is comprehensive, up-to-date health information. The American Heritage Medical Dictionary contains more than 45,000 definitions covering recent medical developments including recent disease and treatment terms. Entries for prescription and over-the-counter medications provide easy reference.
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inferior labial vein inferior laryngeal nerve inferior laryngeal vein inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of arm inferior limb inferior lingual muscle inferior longitudinal fasciculus inferior medullary velum inferior mesenteric lymph node inferior mesenteric plexus inferior mesenteric vein inferior oblique muscle inferior oblique muscle of head inferior ophthalmic vein inferior petrosal sinus inferior phrenic vein inferior posterior serratus muscle inferior pulmonary vein inferior rectal nerve inferior rectal vein inferior rectus muscle inferior retinaculum of extensor muscles inferior sagittal sinus inferior salivary nucleus inferior tarsal muscle inferior temporal line inferior temporal sulcus inferior thalamic peduncle inferior thalamostriate vein inferior thyroid vein inferior to inferior vein of cerebellar hemisphere inferior vein of eyelid inferior vein of vermis
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