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The Medical Dictionary has the most authoritative medical reference source, the American Heritage Medical Dictionary. The result is comprehensive, up-to-date health information. The American Heritage Medical Dictionary contains more than 45,000 definitions covering recent medical developments including recent disease and treatment terms. Entries for prescription and over-the-counter medications provide easy reference.
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t ... t. jonathan jackson t. k. cheyne ... tachyphylaxis tachypnea ... take her time take his breath away ... take life in his hands take life in my hands ... take the law into my hands take the law into my own hands ... talk out of both sides of our mouth talk out of both sides of their mouth ... taps in to taps into ... taurocholic acid taurocholic-acid ... tearing down tearing in to ... tele-diagnosis tele-therapy ... tenacula tenaculum ... tension tension cavity ... tes tesla ... tetrasomic tetravalence ... the long short of the long the short of ... theodore richards theodore storm ... thermostability thermostable ... third de gree burn's third de gree burns ... thoracic-artery thoracic-duct ... thrombokinase thrombolymphangitis ... thumb one's nose thumb ones nose ... thyrotropin re leasing hormone's
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