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The Medical Dictionary has the most authoritative medical reference source, the American Heritage Medical Dictionary. The result is comprehensive, up-to-date health information. The American Heritage Medical Dictionary contains more than 45,000 definitions covering recent medical developments including recent disease and treatment terms. Entries for prescription and over-the-counter medications provide easy reference.
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transverse fascia transverse fissure of cerebrum transverse fold of rectum transverse foramen transverse fracture transverse hermaphroditism transverse horizontal axis transverse lie transverse ligament of elbow transverse ligament of knee transverse ligament of perineum transverse muscle of abdomen transverse muscle of chin transverse muscle of nape transverse muscle of tongue transverse nerve of neck transverse plane transverse presentation transverse pro cess transverse pro-cess transverse process transverse rhombencephalic flexure transverse scapular artery transverse sinus transverse sinus of pericardium transverse tarsal joint transverse temporal gyrus transverse vein of face transverse vein of neck transverse-colon transverse-presentation transverse-process transversectomy transversion
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