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Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher; his interpretation of Aristotle influenced St. Thomas Aquinas; writings on medicine were important for almost 500 years (980-1037) Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdallah ibn Sina , Avicenna , ibn-Sina
English writer; grandson of Thomas Huxley who is remembered mainly for his depiction of a scientifically controlled utopia (1894-1963) Aldous Huxley , Aldous Leonard Huxley , Huxley
in the American Civil War (1863) the Union armies of Hooker, Thomas, and Sherman under the command of Ulysses S. Grant won a decisive victory over the Confederate Army under Braxton Bragg battle of Chattanooga , Chattanooga
Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753) Berkeley , Bishop Berkeley , George Berkeley
English organist and composer of church music; master of 16th century polyphony; was granted a monopoly in music printing with Thomas Tallis (1543-1623) Byrd , William Byrd
town in Kent in southeastern England; site of the cathedral where Thomas a Becket was martyred in 1170; seat of the archbishop and primate of the Anglican Church Canterbury
United States architect who with his partner Thomas Hastings designed many important public buildings (1858-1911) Carrere , John Merven Carrere
symbol of the Democratic Party; introduced in cartoons by Thomas Nast in 1874 donkey
small fruit fly used by Thomas Hunt Morgan in studying basic mechanisms of inheritance drosophila , Drosophila melanogaster
Scottish philosopher and follower of Thomas Reid (1753-1828) Dugald Stewart , Stewart
symbol of the Republican Party; introduced in cartoons by Thomas Nast in 1874 elephant
United States electrical engineer (born in England) who in 1892 formed a company with Thomas Edison (1853-1937) Elihu Thomson , Thomson
follower of Thomas Jefferson or his ideas and principles Jeffersonian
expedition sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the northwestern territories of the United States; led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; traveled from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River from 1803 to 1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition
highly publicized trial in 1925 when John Thomas Scopes violated a Tennessee state law by teaching evolution in high school; Scopes was prosecuted by William Jennings Bryan and defended by Clarence Darrow; Scopes was convicted but the verdict was later re Scopes trial
comprehensive theological doctrine created by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century and still taught by the Dominicans Thomism
book written by Sir Thomas More (1516) describing the perfect society on an imaginary island Utopia
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