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phagocyte that does not circulate in the blood but is fixed in the liver or spleen or bone marrow etc. fixed phagocyte
currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie folding money , paper currency , paper money
(economics) the principle that when two kinds of money having the same denominational value are in circulation the intrinsically more valuable money will be hoarded and the money of lower intrinsic value will circulate more freely until the intrinsically Gresham's Law
large phagocyte; some are fixed and other circulate in the blood stream macrophage
mechanism consisting of a metal honeycomb through which hot fluids circulate; heat is transferred from the fluid through the honeycomb to the airstream that is created either by the motion of the vehicle or by a fan radiator
vessels and tissue that carry or circulate fluids such as blood or lymph or sap through the body of an animal or plant vascular system
cause air to circulate freely ventilate
large lipoproteins rich in triglycerides; VLDLs circulate through the blood giving up their triglycerides to fat and muscle tissue until the VLDL remnants are modified and converted into LDL very low density lipoprotein , VLDL
pump in the cooling system of an automobile that cause the water to circulate water pump
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