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act of atrocious cruelty atrocity , inhumanity
pope who was a patron of the arts and who denounced the cruelty to the indigenous peoples of South America (1675-1758) Benedict XIV , Prospero Lambertini
trait of extreme cruelty brutality , ferociousness , savagery , viciousness
Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity; noted for his cruelty and tyranny; was assassinated (12-41) Caligula , Gaius , Gaius Caesar
according to legend, the seventh and last Etruscan king of Rome who was expelled for his cruelty (reigned from 534 to 510 BC) Lucius Tarquinius Superbus , Tarquin , Tarquinius , Tarquinius Superbus , Tarquin the Proud
cruelty evidence by a capability to commit murder murderousness
act of subjugating by cruelty oppression , subjugation
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