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columnar tree of eastern North America having horizontal limbs and small leaves that emerge late in spring and have brilliant color in early fall black gum , Nyssa sylvatica , pepperidge , sour gum
emerge from a risky venture without taking a loss break even
river, to emerge as a debouch , issue
emerge suddenly and violently erupt
emerge from an egg hatch
hair that does not emerge from the follicle but remains embedded in the skin (usually causing inflammation) ingrown hair
situation in which no one can emerge as a clear winner Mexican standoff
opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge mouth , oral cavity , oral fissure , rima oris
relatively rare dissociative disorder in which the usual integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more independent personalities emerge multiple personality , split personality
legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix; according to most versions only one phoenix lived at a time and it renewed itself every 500 years phoenix
feather beginning to emerge pinfeather
emerge as prove
night flight from which the passengers emerge with eyes red from lack of sleep redeye , redeye flight
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