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feeling of extreme emotional intensity abandon , wildness
feeling embarrassed due to modesty abashment , bashfulness
angry feeling or display of acrimony , animosity , rancor
feeling of delighted approval and liking admiration , esteem
feeling aroused by something strange and surprising admiration , wonder , wonderment
feeling of profound love and admiration adoration , worship
opposition, of a feeling of adversative , antipathetic , averse , oppugnant
conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion affect
feeling as distinguished from perception, thought affect , sentience
positive feeling of liking affection , affectionateness , fondness , heart , philia , tenderness , warmheartedness , warmness
natural attraction or feeling of kinship affinity
overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety affright , panic , terror
exasperated feeling of annoyance aggravation , exasperation
feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack aggression , aggressiveness
feeling of being agitated; not calm agitation
not feeling well ailing , sick
feeling of being alienated from other people alienation , disaffection , estrangement
outside, state of being or feeling alienation , disassociation , estrangement
feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced alleviation , assuagement , relief
feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising amazement , astonishment
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