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white mineral consisting of fluorides of aluminum and sodium; a source of fluorine cryolite , Greenland spar
soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light; chief source of fluorine fluor , fluorite , fluorspar
form of apatite in which fluorine predominates over chlorine fluorapatite
water supply, adding fluorine to fluoridation
acid of fluorine and boron fluoroboric acid
halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine; used in refrigerators and aerosols fluorocarbon
pathological condition resulting for an excessive intake of fluorine (usually from drinking water) fluorosis
fluorine or iodine compound halide
any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions halogen
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