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giant hyssop; Mexican hyssop Agastache , genus Agastache
Mexico's most famous tree; a giant specimen of Montezuma cypress more than 2,000 years old with a girth of 165 feet at Santa Maria del Tule Ahuehuete , Tule tree
only the giant panda: in some classifications considered a genus of the separate family Ailuropodidae Ailuropoda , genus Ailuropoda
in some classifications considered the family comprising the giant pandas Ailuropodidae , family Ailuropodidae
reddish-brown Old World raccoon-like carnivore; in some classifications considered unrelated to the giant pandas Ailurus fulgens , bear cat , cat bear , lesser panda , panda , red panda
(Greek mythology) a giant with 100 eyes; was guardian of the heifer Io and was slain by Hermes Argus
many-eyed giant argus
giant saturniid moth widespread in Asia; sometimes cultured for silk atlas moth , Atticus atlas
giant shipworm of the Pacific coast of North America Bankia setaceae , giant northwest shipworm
giant shipworms Bankia , genus Bankia
giant epiphytic or lithophytic fern; Asia to Polynesia and Australia basket fern , Drynaria rigidula
giant warm-water game fish having a prolonged and rounded toothless upper jaw billfish
giant cockroaches Blaberus , genus Blaberus
atmospheric discharges (lasting 10 msec) bursting from the tops of giant storm clouds in blue cones that widen as they flash upward blue jets , jets
legendary giant lumberjack of the north woods of the United States and Canada Bunyan , Paul Bunyan
dense growth of cane (especially giant cane) canebrake
United States sculptor (born in Sweden); a leader of the pop art movement who was noted for giant sculptures of common objects (born in 1929) Claes Oldenberg , Oldenberg
large aquatic salamanders: hellbenders; giant salamanders Cryptobranchidae , family Cryptobranchidae
one-eyed giant Cyclops , Polyphemus
any of various mostly giant tropical lianas of Africa and Madagascar having greenish or purple flowers and long smooth pods; roots formerly used as an emetic cynancum
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