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ornament that interlaces simulated foliage in an intricate design arabesque
string looped over fingers in intricate patterns cat's cradle
intricate or ingenious puzzle consisting of boxes within boxes Chinese puzzle
quality of being intricate and compounded complexity , complexness
make intricate complicate
jazz that is restrained and fluid and marked by intricate harmonic structures often lagging slightly behind the beat cool jazz
cunning and intricate daedal , insidious , treacherous , wily
cluster of stars within an intricate cloud of gas and dust diffuse nebula , gaseous nebula
developing in intricate and painstaking detail elaboration , working out
intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation embroilment , imbroglio
intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim entanglement , web
delicate and intricate ornamentation (usually in gold or silver or other fine twisted wire) filagree , filigree , fillagree
process whereby a protein molecule assumes its intricate three-dimensional shape folding , protein folding
stencil instrument, intricate French curve
United States cartoonist who drew intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing (1883-1970) Goldberg , Reuben Lucius Goldberg , Rube Goldberg
intricate knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia, and cut by the sword of Alexander the Great after he heard that whoever undid it would become ruler of Asia Gordian knot
problem, intricate Gordian knot , imbroglio , labyrinth , mare's nest , morass , quagmire
long and intricate and complicated grammatical construction involution
puzzle of intricate patterns of lines labyrinth , maze
passageway, intricate labyrinth , maze
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