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(poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot ante
blue poker chip with the highest value blue chip
act of bluffing in poker; deception by a false show of confidence in the strength of your cards bluff , four flush
match, at poker call
poker in which a player can discard cards and receive substitutes from the dealer draw , draw poker
poker hand with all 5 cards in the same suit flush
poker hand with 3 of a kind and a pair full house
poker in which the high and low hands split the pot high-low
(poker) a playing card dealt face down and not revealed until the showdown hole card
cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker) jackpot , kitty , pot
widely cultivated hybrid poker plant Kniphofia praecox , red-hot poker
poker hand with 2 cards of the same value pair
poker played for small stakes penny ante , penny ante poker
face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player) poker face
5 cards held in a game of poker poker hand
increasing the size of a bet (as in poker) raise
poker hand with the ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 all in the same suit royal flush
poker for fireplace salamander
call, in poker see
poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit) straight
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