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quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment ability
vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song) ablaut
quality of being sharply disagreeable abrasiveness
quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning abruptness , precipitance , precipitancy , precipitateness , precipitousness , suddenness
quality of being absolute absoluteness
quality of being complete or utter or extreme absoluteness , starkness , utterness
noun representing idea, concept, quality abstract noun
quality of being considered apart from a specific instance or object abstractness
quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand abstruseness , obscureness , obscurity , reconditeness
quality, distinctive accent , atmosphere , aura , character , ethos
quality of being at hand when needed accessibility , availability , availableness , handiness
quality of taking advantage account
quality of being near to the true value accuracy , truth
state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged acknowledgement , acknowledgment , recognition
acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality acoustic projection , projection , sound projection
quality of being sharply disagreeable in language or tone acridity , acridness
quality of having a sharp edge or point acuteness
quality of being able to meet a need satisfactorily adequacy , adequateness
quality of being sufficient for the end in view adequacy , sufficiency
state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something admixture , alloy
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