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aliphatic compound that contains a ring of atoms alicyclic compound
organic compound that has an alkyl group bound to a benzene ring alkylbenzene
biochemical indicator of the presence of carbohydrates in a solution; if carbohydrates are present a violet ring is formed by reaction with alpha-naphthol in the presence of sulfuric acid alpha-naphthol test , Molisch's test , Molisch reaction , Molisch test
ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening anatomical sphincter , sphincter , sphincter muscle
eclipse where moon is silhouetted by ring of sun annular eclipse
ring-shaped annular , annulus , circinate , circular , coiled , toroid , torus
molding in the form of a ring; at top of a column annulet , bandelet , bandelette , bandlet , square and rabbet
small ring annulet , ringlet
circular or ring-shaped figure, part, marking annulus
small woolly perennial herbs having small whitish discoid flowers surrounded by a ring of club-shaped bristles Antennaria , genus Antennaria
circus ring arena
boxing ring arena
colored ring areola
fungus with a brown cap and white gills and a membranous ring halfway up the stalk Armillaria caligata , booted armillaria
ring-shaped coral island atoll
island of coral, ring-shaped atoll
sun, luminous ring around aureole , corona
moon, ring of light around aureole , corona
ring or halo around holy person's head aureole , gloria , gloriole , glory , nimbus
tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel automobile tire , auto tire , car tire , rubber tire
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