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glossy black North American salamander with yellow spots Ambystoma maculatum , spotted salamander
larval salamander of mountain lakes of Mexico that usually lives without metamorphosing Ambystoma mexicanum , axolotl , mud puppy
brownish-black burrowing salamander of southeastern United States Ambystoma talpoideum , mole salamander
widely distributed brown or black North American salamander with vertical yellowish blotches Ambystoma tigrinum , tiger salamander
small to moderate-sized terrestrial or semiaquatic New World salamander ambystomid , ambystomid salamander
aquatic eel-shaped salamander having two pairs of very small feet; of still muddy waters in the southern United States amphiuma , blind eel , congo eel , congo snake
yellow-spotted brown salamander of California woodlands Aneides lugubris , arboreal salamander
small semiaquatic salamander common newt , Triturus vulgaris
large salamander of North American rivers and streams Cryptobranchus alleganiensis , hellbender , mud puppy
large (to 7 inches) salamander of western North America Dicamptodon ensatus , Pacific giant salamander
common North American salamander mottled with dull brown or greyish-black dusky salamander
common salamander of eastern North America eastern red-backed salamander , Plethodon cinereus
kind of European salamander European fire salamander , Salamandra salamandra
European salamander having dark skin with usually yellow spots fire salamander , Salamandra maculosa , spotted salamander
large (up to more than three feet) edible salamander of Asia giant salamander , Megalobatrachus maximus
similar to Shasta salamander; lives in cliff crevices and taluses Hydromantes brunus , limestone salamander
aquatic North American salamander with red feathery external gills mud puppy , Necturus maculosus
European aquatic salamander with permanent external gills that lives in caves olm , Proteus anguinus
small large-eyed semiaquatic salamander of the United States northwest olympic salamander , Rhyacotriton olympicus
salamander of the Pacific coast of North America Plethodon vehiculum , western red-backed salamander
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