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property of being able to survive and grow animation , vitality
ability to survive fitness
condition in which the cells of one tissue can survive in the presence of cells of another tissue histocompatibility
medical equipment that assists or replaces important bodily functions and so enables a patient to live who otherwise might not survive life-support system , life support
support that enables people to survive or to continue doing something (often by providing an essential connection) lifeline
Roman historian whose history of Rome filled 142 volumes (of which only 35 survive) including the earliest history of the war with Hannibal (59 BC to AD 17) Livy , Titus Livius
air-breathing fish having an elongated body and fleshy paired fins; certain species construct mucus-lined mud coverings in which to survive drought lungfish
any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack a cell walls and can survive without oxygen; can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infection mycoplasma
voracious freshwater fish that is native to northeastern China; can use fin to walk and can survive out of water for three days; a threat to American populations of fish northern snakehead
shrewd ability to survive in a dangerous urban environment street smarts
survive and continue subsist
live and survive subsist
terrorist bombing carried out by someone who does not hope to survive it suicide bombing
freshwater dace-like game fish of Europe and western Asia noted for ability to survive outside water tench , Tinca tinca
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