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town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea; the Allies established a beachhead at Anzio in World War II Anzio
battle during World War II; in December 1944 von Rundstedt launched a powerful counteroffensive in the forest at Ardennes and caught the Allies by surprise Ardennes counteroffensive , Battle of the Ardennes Bulge , Battle of the Bulge
Italian pope from 1378 to 1389 whose contested election began the Great Schism; he alienated his political allies by his ruthless treatment of his opponents (1318-1389) Bartolomeo Prignano , Urban VI
battle in 1745 in which the French army under Marshal Saxe defeated the English army and their allies under the duke of Cumberland Battle of Fontenoy , Fontenoy
battle in 490 BC in which the Athenians and their allies defeated the Persians battle of Marathon , Marathon
battle in the Seven Years' War (1759) in which the English forces and their allies defeated the French battle of Minden , Minden
World War I battle in northwestern France where the Allies defeated the Germans in 1918 Battle of the Marne , Belleau Wood , Chateau-Thierry , Marne River
battle in World War I (1914); heavy but indecisive fighting as the Allies and the Germans both tried to break through the lines of the others battle of Ypres , first battle of Ypres , Ypres
in World War I the alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary and other nations allied with them in opposing the Allies Central Powers
extinct gymnosperms most of Carboniferous to Jurassic: seed ferns and allies class Pteridospermopsida , Pteridospermopsida
member of an Algonquian people formerly living in Maryland between Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac river; allies of the Nanticoke people Conoy
in former classifications: comprising plants with a vascular system including ferns and fern allies as well as seed plants division Tracheophyta , Tracheophyta
United States diplomat who (as Secretary of State) pursued a policy of opposition to the USSR by providing aid to American allies (1888-1959) Dulles , John Foster Dulles
sole surviving family of the Equisetales: fern allies Equisetaceae , family Equisetaceae , horsetail family
families of ferns and fern allies fern family
genera of ferns and fern allies fern genus
war between the allies (Russia, France, British Empire, Italy, United States, Japan, Rumania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro) and the central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria) from 1914 to 1918 First World War , Great War , War to End War , World War 1 , World War I
any member of the warlike North American Indian peoples formerly living in New York state; the Iroquois League were allies of the British during the American Revolution Iroquois
aquatic or marsh-growing fern allies; known to have existed since the Cenozoic; sometimes included in Lycopodiales Isoetales , order Isoetales
any of numerous fern allies of the genus Selaginella little club moss , spike moss , spikemoss
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