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thickly-furred fox of Arctic regions; brownish in summer and white in winter Alopex lagopus , arctic fox , white fox
arctic foxes Alopex , genus Alopex
widespread in Arctic and on mountains in Europe Alpine mouse-ear , Arctic mouse-ear , Cerastium alpinum
wiry evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of wet acidic areas in Arctic and Canada to northeastern United States Andromeda glaucophylla , bog rosemary , moorwort
all the islands that lie north of mainland Canada and the Arctic Circle Arctic Archipelago
erect greyish branching lichen of Arctic and even some north temperate regions constituting the chief food for reindeer and caribou and sometimes being eaten by humans arctic moss , Cladonia rangiferina , reindeer lichen , reindeer moss
low creeping shrub of arctic Europe and America arctic willow , Salix arctica
wolf of arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail Arctic wolf , Canis lupus tundrarum , white wolf
regions north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole Arctic , Arctic Zone , North Frigid Zone
common arctic turnstone that winters in South America and Australia Arenaria interpres , ruddy turnstone
walrus of northern Atlantic and Arctic waters Atlantic walrus , Odobenus rosmarus
body of water between Greenland and northeastern Canada; connected with the Arctic Ocean to the north and with the Atlantic Ocean (via the Labrador Sea) to the south; icebound in winter Baffin Bay
5th largest island and the largest island of Arctic Canada; lies between Greenland and Hudson Bay Baffin Island
large-mouthed arctic whale Balaena mysticetus , bowhead , bowhead whale , Greenland whale
part of the Arctic Ocean north of Norway and Russia Barents Sea
United States explorer who accompanied Peary's expedition to the North Pole and who led many other Arctic trips (1875-1946) Bartlett , Captain Bob , Robert Abram Bartlett , Robert Bartlett
chiefly evergreen subshrubs of northern to arctic areas bearberry
dwarf prostrate mat-forming shrub of arctic and alpine regions of North America and Greenland having deep green elliptic leaves that taper toward the base bearberry willow , Salix uva-ursi
medium-sized greyish to yellow seal with bristles each side of muzzle; of Arctic Ocean bearded seal , Erignathus barbatus , squareflipper square flipper
part of the Arctic Ocean northeast of Alaska Beaufort Sea
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