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soft-haired sticky plant with heads of bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers; found in sandy desert soil; after ample rains may carpet miles of desert with pink from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico Abronia villosa , desert sand verbena
leaves deeply incised and bright red in autumn; Japan Acer japonicum , full moon maple , Japanese maple
flower of southwestern Australia having bright pink daisylike papery flowers; grown for drying Acroclinium roseum , pink-and-white everlasting , pink paper daisy
North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries Actaea rubra , red-berry , red baneberry , redberry , snakeberry
epiphyte or creeping on rocks; Malaysian plant having somewhat fleshy leaves and bright red flowers Aeschynanthus radicans , lipstick plant
woolly-stemmed biennial arborescent shrub of tropical Africa and southern Asia having silvery-white prickly branches, clusters of blue or white flowers, and bright red berries resembling holly berries African holly , Solanum giganteum
African plant with bright green evergreen leaves and umbels of many usually deep violet-blue flowers African lily , African tulip , Agapanthus africanus , blue African lily
upright rhizomatous perennial with bright blue flowers; southern Europe Ajuga genevensis , blue bugle , erect bugle
discomycete with bright orange cup-shaped or saucer-shaped fruiting bodies and pale orange exteriors Aleuria aurantia , orange peel fungus
bright orange-red color produced in cotton cloth with alizarine dye alizarine red , Turkey red
deciduous creeping shrub bright red in autumn having black or blue-black berries; alpine and circumpolar alpine bearberry , Arctostaphylos alpina , black bearberry
very large closely branched South African shrub having forked bright green spines and shiny leaves amatungulu , Carissa grandiflora , Carissa macrocarpa , natal plum
flycatching warbler of eastern North America the male having bright orange on sides and wings and tail American redstart , redstart , Setophaga ruticilla
Australian plant widely cultivated for its beautiful silvery-white blooms with bright yellow centers on long winged stems Ammobium alatum , winged everlasting
any plant of the genus Andryala having milky sap and heads of bright yellow flowers andryala
commonly cultivated anthurium having bright scarlet spathe and spadix Anthurium andraeanum , Anthurium scherzerianum , flamingo flower , flamingo plant
bright green aphid; feeds on and causes curling of apple leaves Aphis pomi , apple aphid , green apple aphid
bright-colored marine fishes that incubate eggs in the mouth Apogonidae , family Apogonidae
bright crater on the moon Aristarchus
deciduous shrub of eastern Asia bearing decorative bright blue fruit Asiatic sweetleaf , sapphire berry , Symplocus paniculata
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